When you launch your website, hosting has to be a consideration. Buying cheap website hosting does not always mean you get good value. Some cheap website hosting companies offer a shared space with no cap on the amount of companies hosted on the same server, and cramming websites on a server can lead to problems. Some cheap hosting companies will also charge for optional extras such as emails or even regular website back ups, and hosting with a company that does not back your website up means you need an alternative disaster recovery plan. Furthermore, can you be sure your “Hosting company” is not a one man band with a server in his spare room?

When hosting your website security and reassurance is important, and the only optional extras should be things such as SSL certificates and Malware Monitoring.

Our website hosting partner company are UK based and offer excellent value for money. Using cloud based servers it means the up-time for your website is as high as possible, and your website and database if you have one (you will always have a database if you are looking to host a WordPress website) are backed up daily. In addition to this, emails are offered as standard and are separated from the website so that even if for some reason your website does go down, your emails may not.

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