Google Ads

Why use Adwords?

Adwords paid for marketing is easier and more cost-effective tool that delivers stronger results if used right. As Google Ads and Bing Ads Management Experts, we could save you money on your Adwords.

To drive and nurture business leads, you may need to connect with customers and prospects multiple times

Your customers and prospects expect these interactions to be seamless, fast, and relevant.

Did you know that 88% of consumers prefer to engage with brands that provide helpful information along every stage of their journey.

Conversely, only 47% of brands customise and serve information across the customer journey.

(Source: Google / Ipsos Connect, Consumer Discovery Study, U.S., December 2018, number of 2,001 US consumers age 18-54 who go online at least once a month.)

Charity Landing Page

Not only do you want to drive a high quantity of sales leads, but they also need to be high quality. After all, it's not a click that counts but the actions taken after that click and the value assigned to that click. 

Your website or landing page should make your customers feel comfortable with how you’re handling their information, while also trusting the tools you’re using to deliver on performance. Such as Google Ads.

Better measurement improves lead quality

  • +30%
    Cost Efficiency
  • +20%
    Incremental Revenue

... seen by advertisers when integrating strategies with customer data across the entire lead journey.

(Source: BCG, Responsible Marketing with First Party Data, May 2020)

Driving leads with Google Ads means you can reach your customers wherever they are in their journey, at the moment they are searching.

As a Google Partner, M3SM work with clients to deliver high quality sales leads. Refining your Ads campaigns to deliver the outcomes you need. Some agencies take a cut from your Ads budget, however we are fully transparent; you pay the Google budget direct to Google, and we charge a management fee based on your monthly Ads spend.

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