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Asco Numatics, leaders in automated solutions and part of the Emerson group, wanted to make sure their web visitors were getting the very best experience. 


The challenge was to ensure their website visitors did not feel disengaged, and to also ensure the focus groups met the needs for each visitor type. 


A comprehensive user group study was put in place in a few regions in Europe, gathering together Asco staff, their end clients and their distributors to get as much feedback as possible. With simple tests to see how groups used the site we could evolve a plan of action to change the website to suit all users. 


Instantaneous results were achieved with a increase in conversion and a reduction of 3.92% on the bounce rate too. Visitor numbers after our SEO recommendations increased by 18.99% and the number of pages being visited increased by 8.22% 


Bounce Rate Reduced by 3.92%

Visitors Increased by  18.99%

Pages per Visit increased by 8.22%

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