Local Search Optimisation UK

Now is the best time to start creating a local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy of your presence on search engine results pages. The search engines actively promote local business for local search terms. Make sure your marketing strategy includes an element of a local search optimisation UK, google maps optimisation and social media.

The Most Searched for Phrase

Google tells us that the most searched for phrase of 2016 was "Near Me" and this term has grown by 34 times since 2011, and will continue to do so as more people become "smarter" online.
It therefore stands to reason, that if people are searching for products and services like yours "Near Me", then Local Search optimisation is essential.

Local Search is vital for the smaller businesses who have a local reach, such as plumbers, electricians, shops and restaurants too. When your target audience is restricted by how far you can or are willing to travel, or how far customers are willing to travel to visit you, then local search engine optimisation is an absolute must have. 

Getting found on the map is especially important when you are targeting users who prefer to search on a mobile phone, and you can see from the image just how important this is as the screen sizes get smaller. 

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