Content Strategy

Content StrategyContent is King... Our seamless content planning and implementation will support your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media efforts, making you stand out as the go-to expert.

Search Engines, such as Google and Bing, base all their search results around the words that people use to search for things. If you can understand what words are being searched to discover your products and services, then you stand a better chance of being found on the web. But the story does not stop there; you need to be using those words in your content as well. This way the search engines will have a better understanding of what it is your website is trying to say, and if that happens to be the sale of products and/or services, then the search engines need to fully understand this. 

Your content of course should not be written just because we say so, but it should be engaging and useful too. Something that your target audience will want to read when they land on your web page. After all, if this content is created with keyword optimisation in mind, your website visitors may land here first.

A Content Strategy will help you plan what content will be done by who and when by. It will fit in with your diary and talk about not only your products and services but the events you are attending, the charities you are supporting, the people you are investing in and much, much more. Your Online Content Strategy should align with your offline marketing too. 

Content is not purely the written word either, and can include info-graphics, videos, podcasts and even very useful PDF downloads, like those found on our resources pages

In addition to great content, your website should be structured in such a way that navigation from each landing page to wherever it is that you want your visitors to see next is clear and obvious.

 M3 Strategic Marketing offer Content Marketing which includes the discovery of your key words, and provide you with regular new content for your website too.

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